Author Talk for Parents: Claire Lerner, Why Is My Child In Charge?

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PBS Books presents this Author Talk with Claire Lerner, helping parents get ready for the holidays with their children.

Through stories from her practice, Lerner will provide tips to empower parents on how to make critical mindshifts and enable us to see their children’s behaviors through a new lens. Lerner will share highlights from her book and provide insights into how to establish a new path. roadmap for how to tune into the root causes of children’s behavior and how to create and implement strategies that are tailored to the unique needs of each child and family.

About the Author

Claire Lerner is a child development specialist and practicing clinician with more than 30 years of experience working with children and families in a range of capacities. Trained as a clinical social worker and psychotherapist, she began her career as a child and family therapist. For nearly 20 years, Lerner served as the director of parenting resources at ZERO TO THREE.

Lerner is the author of hundreds of parenting resources, including blogs, podcasts, videos, and her new book, Why Is My Child in Charge? She writes a column for PBS Kids, frequently contributes to parenting publications, and has served as a content expert for numerous national daily newspapers.

Her work and her writing are informed by her background in mental health, her clinical experience with hundreds of children and families, and what she describes as her most important “training”: raising two wonderfully complex and very spirited now adult children. She is also a mother to two adult stepchildren. Claire Lerner lives in Washington, DC with her husband and a dog.

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