“Sorry Snail” Author Talk with Tracy Subisak

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Program Description:

Celebrate Social and Emotional Learning Day by joining us for a fantastic conversation with PBS Books National Director Heather-Marie Montilla and author and illustrator Tracy Subisak, discussing her book Sorry, Snail. This heartfelt children’s book showcases that everyone has feelings and helps to teach the importance of empathy. Join us for a fun conversation about a super-sweet book. No apology required.

Book Description:

Ari is feeling angry. When she takes that anger out on an innocent snail, the snail demands an apology! Which Ari gives, half-heartedly. And that’s that. Until Ms. Snail and her friends appear in every corner of Ari’s life, determined to elicit the most genuine apology from an increasingly regretful girl.

Guest Biography:

Tracy Subisak, Author and Illustrator

Tracy Subisak is the award-winning, Taiwanese and Polish American author-illustrator of Sorry, Snail and Jenny Mei Is Sad. She has illustrated many books including This Book is Not for You!, by NYT bestselling author Shannon Hale and Amah Faraway by Margaret Chiu Greanais. Tracy currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan with her husband, her dog Lala, and a copious amount of house plants. You can visit her online at tracysubisak.com and on Instagram at @tracysubisak.

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