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Listen to the Visions of America Music Playlists

Music brings stories alive! Consider adding these curated playlists to your programs. There are many ways to use music to deepen connections with stories. You could have music playing while your audience assembles to view an episode. You could share the playlists on your social media. You could make a quiz game out of the song titles. To deepen engagement with the stories of each VISIONS OF AMERICA episode, enjoy these curated music playlists.

Instructions: How to Listen to the Playlists

Instructions - How to Listen to VOA Playlists


Read along with VISIONS OF AMERICA.

Freedom Tower - Youth Booklist

Freedom Tower – Youth Booklist

Wing Luke - Booklist

Wing Luke Museum – Booklist

Wing Luke - Youth Booklist

Wing Luke Museum – Youth Booklist

Kansas City - Booklist

18th and Vine – Booklist

Kansas City Youth Booklist

18th and Vine – Youth Booklist