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Investing: A Beginner’s Guide for Getting Started


Investing young is one of the best ways to lay a stable financial foundation – long term. Learn how allocating money wisely now can build the wealth and freedom you’ve always wanted. Tune in as PBS Books breaks down the basics of investing, dissects different investment strategies to help you gain a competitive advantage, and explores the most common investing mistakes novice investors make when they first start out. Engage with financial experts by asking questions live – via Facebook – and begin charting the path that makes sense for you. Panelists include: YANELY ESPINAL, the Director of Educational Outreach [...]

Investing: A Beginner’s Guide for Getting Started2021-08-27T19:50:19-04:00

Financial Freedom – Declare the Life You Want


What does FINANCIAL FREEDOM mean to you, and how do you ACHIEVE it? Whether you want to reduce debt, save more, create a passive income for your family, automate investments, or simply feel like you have enough money on hand to retire and live out the life you've always imagined – Financial Freedom begins with setting a plan. Learn different debt reduction strategies... begin taking steps to make your money work for you... and determine how to invest more for the future. PBS Books will speak with financial experts about the different strategies to help lead to prosperous, secure and [...]

Financial Freedom – Declare the Life You Want2021-09-21T12:17:57-04:00

Harnessing your Inner Hummingbird: How to Build Your Nest Egg


Saving for retirement is about more than just stashing away cash in a jar. How much will you need? What's the easiest way to continue contributing after you retire? We’ll take you through simple steps to grow a comfortable nest egg that will last through your golden years. Recent Episodes

Harnessing your Inner Hummingbird: How to Build Your Nest Egg2021-08-02T12:53:33-04:00

Retirement Readiness for Military Families


Listen in as experts discuss the tools servicemembers and their families have available to plan and save for their future. How does the military’s 2018 blended retirement system work? What sort of VA benefits are available to service members? Even if you served in the military years ago, you may be eligible for valuable grants or interest-free loans created to help veterans and their families deal with COVID-related financial challenges, or transition to civilan life after military service. Where to go to find more resources for life after leaving the military? Plus, members of the military are often targeted by [...]

Retirement Readiness for Military Families2021-06-15T13:58:26-04:00

PBS Books and ASALH Form a Partnership to Celebrate Powerful Voices of African American Authors


An ongoing series of author talks and conversations to be launched during Black History month

As the nation struggles to understand its past and forge a more equitable future, PBS Books and ASALH (Association for the Study of African American Life and History) have formed a new alliance, committed to highlighting the most acclaimed and important African American authors of our time and the insights they provide on issues related to diversity and cultural literacy.…

PBS Books and ASALH Form a Partnership to Celebrate Powerful Voices of African American Authors2021-05-05T16:06:20-04:00
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