Investing young is one of the best ways to lay a stable financial foundation – long term. Learn how allocating money wisely now can build the wealth and freedom you’ve always wanted.

Tune in as PBS Books breaks down the basics of investing, dissects different investment strategies to help you gain a competitive advantage, and explores the most common investing mistakes novice investors make when they first start out.

Engage with financial experts by asking questions live – via Facebook – and begin charting the path that makes sense for you.

Panelists include:

YANELY ESPINAL, the Director of Educational Outreach at Next Gen Personal Finance
SAUNDRA DAVIS, a financial coach and educator
WHITNEY HANSEN, a financial and business coach, and host of the Money Nerds podcast
MATT ROLING, an adjunct finance professor at Wayne State University

Watch the livestream August 27 at 1pm ET.

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