Action Guides

Resources for Facilitators and Individuals

Managing Your Money When You’re Starting Out (PDF)

Starting to Save for Retirement (PDF)

Ramp Up Savings for Your Retirement (PDF)

Getting Closer to Retirement (PDF)

Making Your Money Last in Retirement (PDF)

Building A Foundation for Investing Success (PDF)

Planning for Challenges (PDF)

Facilitator Guides

Starting to Save for Retirement (PowerPoint)

Ramp Up Savings for Your Retirement (PowerPoint)

Getting Closer to Retirement (PowerPoint)

Making Your Money Last in Retirement (PowerPoint)

Investor Protection Trust (logo)

When I’m 65 is funded by a grant from the Investor Protection Trust (IPT). The IPT is a nonprofit organization devoted to investor education. Since 1993 the IPT has worked with the States to provide the independent, objective investor education needed by all Americans to make informed investment decisions.

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